mindatnh corrections and analytic updates log .

Date listing order is oldest to newest.

11-24-18, Analysis added for Johnson Rd. colorless, fluorescent, hemimorphite balls.
11-24-18, Another analysis of Allen Mine, Alstead black-metalic "betafite" indicated Columbite-(Mn).
11-25-18, Gingras Farm, Deering, lollingite anaylzed again. Is arsenopyrite. Moved to arsenopyrite gallery.
12-01-18, Mineral News article added to Water Pocket gallery.
12-17-18, Cantabury anthophyllite XRD added to anthophyllite gallery.
01-03-19, Added EDS analysis results for Red Hill titanite and Bow locality pyromorphite.
01-13-19, Strong fluorescence showed Turner Mine "triphylite" crystal to be apatite. Photo moved.
02-01-19, Diadochite removed from NH species list. Multiple attempts to confirm species failed. No sulfur detected.
02-02-19, Improved top page photos for Beraunite, Greifensteinite, Hopeite, Vigezzite-Fersmite, and Xenotime uploaded.
02-04-19, Replaced top page dolomite specimen.
02-08-19, Updated phosphuranylite data.
03-19-19, Replaced beraunite specimen with better one.
03-19-19, Added zanazziite gallery, zanazziite study pdf.
03-19-19, Added sillimanite FTIR analysis plots to sillimanite gallery.
11-04-19, Added Rt. 101-101A locality specimen photos to species galleries.
12-04-19, Deleted synchysite-(Ce) Audley, Merrimack occurrence. EDS showed no REE's.
01-29-20, Updated printable species list and species counts.
02-06-20, Fixed miss-identified columbite and errors in some zinnwaldite notes on Water Pocket gallery.
02-10-20, Added article on Palermo zanazziite.
03-14-20, Added bertrandite PLM images, new augelite analysis
08-22-20, Added magnesite to NH Rare and Uncommon Species gallery.
02-14-21, Added hingganite-Y EDS plot.
02-15-21, Added second Dickite Raman plot.
03-05-21, Added mindat.org links to locality pages.
08-07-21, Pike Carroll "Actinolite" analyzed to be Magnesiohornblende. Fixed & added EDS analysis.
02-13-22, Replaced marcasite specimen (Keyes) with a Palermo specimen. Keyes specimen is pyrite.
08-16-23, Replaced annite specimen. Old one was ferroan phlogopite

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