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Best photos on for each species.     Alphabetical listing   From the collections of Tom Mortimer & friends.
Photos may be updated as better choices become available.     In many cases there were several good candidates for best photo, so my choices were somewhat subjective.
Species with a light blue border are from the NH "Rare and Uncommon" gallery and have a high confidence of a correct identification.
Species with a mustard yellow border are from the NH "Rare and Uncommon" gallery and have a fair confidence of a correct identification.
Caption link will take you to page for species and link to more photos in gallery.    Links to "Rare & Uncommon" will require scroll down to desired species.
A μ following the species name indicates this is a micro-mineral specimen with a field of view less than a few millimeters. Most nice crystal examples are micros.
A following the species name is a link to EDS data for this specimen. Confirmation data is provided for less common species.
A * following the species name indicates a reference is provided to analyses of similar specimens from this locality.
A following the species name is a link to another photo of this species or UV of this specimen.
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DANALITE   Government Pit, Albany, NH
1.5 cm danalite crystal group.        A Don Dallaire specimen and photo

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DICKITE    Mine Ledge, Surry, NH
6 mm zone of pale blue dickite

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DIOPSIDE   Wheeler Mtn., Winchester, NH  
1.4 cm terminated diopside crystal.

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DOLOMITE   Westmoreland Crushed Stone Quarry, Westmoreland, NH
3 cm specimen with cream-colored dolomite rhombs

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DRAVITE    Wheeler Mtn., Winchester, NH
3 cm specimen with 2.1 cm stubby, terminated, dravite crystal in feldspar.

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DUFRENITE    Chandler Mill Mine, Newport, NH
1.0 mm mass.       A Bob Wilken specimen & photo.

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ELBAITE    Turner Mine, Marlow, NH
5.5 cm terminated crystal     JL specimen & photo

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EOSPHORITE  Palermo #1 Mine, N. Groton, NH
1.6 mm ball - EDS confirmed

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EPIDOTE  Franconia Iron Mine Prospect 1, Sugar Hill, NH
4 cm specimen. with 3 cm epidote crystal.

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ERNSTITE    Palermo #1 Mine, Core Zone, N. Groton, NH
Yellow-orange ernstite crystals to 0.2 mm on oxide coated childrenite crystals.

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EUCLASE   Chandler Mine (side cut), Raymond, NH
0.5 mm crystal

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EUCRYPTITE   Parker Mtn. Mine, Center Strafford, NH
Light gray eucryptite crystal, end view (4.5 cm across)

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EULYTINE  Holts Ledge Locale, Lyme, NH
2.5 mm field of view

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