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Best photos on for each species.     Alphabetical listing   From the collections of Tom Mortimer & friends.
Photos may be updated as better choices become available.     In many cases there were several good candidates for best photo, so my choices were somewhat subjective.
Species with a light blue border are from the NH "Rare and Uncommon" gallery and have a high confidence of a correct identification.
Species with a mustard yellow border are from the NH "Rare and Uncommon" gallery and have a fair confidence of a correct identification.
Caption link will take you to page for species and link to more photos in gallery.    Links to "Rare & Uncommon" will require scroll down to desired species.
A μ following the species name indicates this is a micro-mineral specimen with a field of view less than a few millimeters. Most nice crystal examples are micros.
A following the species name is a link to EDS data for this specimen. Confirmation data is provided for less common species.
A * following the species name indicates a reference is provided to analyses of similar specimens from this locality.
A following the species name is a link to another photo of this species or UV of this specimen.
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MAGNESIOHORNBLENDE    Soapstone Quarry, Richmond, NH
3.7 cm specimen. Intergrowth of black-green magnesiohornblende blades

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MAGNETITE   Wellington Rd., Manchester, NH
2.3 cm magnetite crystal on 5 cm specimen. Crystal faces show stepped triangular structure.

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MAGNESITE    Charles Davis Mine, N. Groton, NH
8 mm magnesite crystal

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MALACHITE    Pierce Mine, Chesterfield, NH
7 mm Malachite spray on iron stained Quartz

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MARCASITE    Palermo Mine, Groton, NH
1.2 mm crystal

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MARIALITE (Scapolite group)    Lockes Hill, Gilford, NH
3 cm specimen with white embedded prismatic marialite crystals.

MARIALITE (Scapolite group)
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MEIONITE (Scapolite group)    Joppa Hill, Bedford, NH
3.5 mm terminated crystal

MEIONITE (Scapolite group)   μ  
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MELANTERITE    Ledge behind Rt. 102 retail site, Londonderry, NH
2.4 cm specimen

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MESSELITE    Palermo Mine, N. Groton, NH
Clear messelite crystal spear in center is 0.3 mm. With orange scalenohedrons of siderite.

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METASWITZERITE    Parker Mtn. Mine, Center Strafford, NH
4 cm specimen with bronze-colored metaswitzerite on gray-blue triphylite

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METAVIVIANITE    Chickering Mine, Walpole, NH
0.2 mm green metavivianite crystal. (A fair photo, but morphology is evident.)

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METAZEUNERITE    Mascot Mine, Gorham, NH
1.0 mm field of view

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MICROCLINE    Lovejoy Pit, Conway, NH
A 12 inch specimen !

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MICROLITE    Government Pit, Albany, NH
1.2 mm honey yellow, octahedral, Microlite crystal on feldspar matrix

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MILARITE   The Ravine locale, Moat Mtn, Bartlett, NH
2.1 cm crystal. A Don Dallaire specimen & photo.

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MITRIDATITE   Palermo Mine, N. Groton, NH
8 mm field of view. Powdery green mitridatite coating rhombic siderite crystals.

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MOLYBDENITE    Holt's Ledge, Lyme, NH
2.8 cm specimen, 1 cm Molybdenite hexagonal crystal

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MONAZITE-(Ce)   Bald Mtn., Ossipee, NH
1.8 mm Monazite-(Ce) crystal on albite. A good photo of an unusual monazite crystal habit.

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MONTEBRASITE   Palermo Mine, N. Groton, NH
0.7 mm montebrasite crystal impaling a quartz crystal

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MONTMORILLONITE   Ruggles Mine, Grafton, NH
9 cm specimen with pink, soft (clay-like) montmorillonite and black biotite

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MORAESITE   Chickering Mine, Walpole, NH
1 mm moraesite spray

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MUSCOVITE   Hobart Hill Mine, Hebron, NH
2.2 cm hexagonal Muscovite crystal .

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