Minerals of the Chickering Mine Walpole, NH     HUREAULITE   (Mn,Fe)5H2(PO4)4·4H2O           Back to Chickering front page.
Specimen owner ID's (capitals): TM = Tom Mortimer, BW = Bob Wilken, BJ = Bob Janules, PC = Peter Cristofono, AW = Anna Wilken
Photographer ID's (lower case).
Identification: TRP_1 => Hureaulite indicated by EDS analysis . Analyst indicated "Hureaulite is a good guess." (The TRP_1 marking on the photo indicates that the species was originally identified as triploidide)
UK_PC15 (former PC unknown), identified by Jim Nizamoff has hureaulite, 3/24/12.
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HUREAULITE      1 mm vug with tiny plates of hureaulite      BJ      Photo: HUR_1   [tm]
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HUREAULITE   4 mm field of view     AW      Photo: TRP_1   [bw]
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HUREAULITE    Peach-pink mineral     PC     Photo: UK_PC15   [pc]