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CHICKERING MINE Entrance    Nov. 2011
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CHICKERING MINE     Nov. 2011    Photo: CHK_4    [tm]           One foot high canvas bucket in foreground for scale.
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Beryl Resources of New Hampshire Plate 3
Chickering Mine study group: Principals: Tom Mortimer (web author), Bob Wilken, Bob Janules.    Contributors: Peter Cristofono, Anna Wilken, Jim Nizamoff
Site content status:    277 mineral photos (58 listed species)   3 site photos/documents   43 mineral analyses. See also: Mindat.org locality link
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Apatite-(CaF) Augelite Autunite Beraunite Beryllonite Brazilianite Childrenite  
Ferrisicklerite Frondelite Gormanite Goyazite Greifensteinite Hematite?  
Heterosite Hureaulite Jahnsite Laueite Ludlamite Messelite  
Metavivianite Mitridatite Montebrasite Moraesite Paravauxite Rockbridgeite  
Strunzite Triphylite Vivianite Wardite Whiteite Whitmoreite  
Rhodochrosite Rutherfordine Siderite        
Arsenopyrite Bornite ? Lollingite Pyrite Pyrrhotite Sphalerite  
Scorodite Gypsum          
Cassiterite Columbite-(Mn) Goethite Uraninite      
Albite Beryl Elbaite Lepidolite Microcline Muscovite  
Opal var hyalite Quartz Schorl Spodumene Zircon    
Native Elements            
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REFERENCES: (click on links to view reports)
Hess, Frank (1943) Rare Alkalis in New England (U.S. Dept. of the Interior, Bureau of Mines)
[pc] Hess reports an analysis of a Chickering microcline specimen found to contain appreciable amounts of lithium, cesium, and especially rubidium oxides; He also reports an analysis of microcline from the Damasiak Quarry in Walpole.
Not too much else about Chickering except that the red-altered spodumene could be pinite. Very interesting article, in any case - lots of good locality info on MA and Maine spodumene pegmatites especially.

Leonard R. Frost Report
Researched by Bob Wilken from the Concord Public Library:
The booklet consisted of reports on some thirty mines around the state. Many consisted of just a part page as the one here. A few such as Beryl Mtn and Turner were a good full page and a bit more.
Bibliographical info for the publication is as follows:
Mine Survey Report to the New Hampshire State Planning Board.
June 28, 1934  by Leonard R. Frost  NH State Planning Board, Concord, 1934, Page 7

Martha MacDanolds Frizzell's History of Walpole, NH   page 1 ,    page 2 ,   page 3

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