Minerals of the Chickering Mine Walpole, NH     PYRRRHOTITE   Fe1-xS (x = 0 - 0.2)           Back to Chickering front page.
Specimen owner ID's (capitals): TM = Tom Mortimer, BW = Bob Wilken, BJ = Bob Janules, PC = Peter Cristofono, AW = Anna Wilken
Photographer ID's (lower case).
Identification: PYR_1 => EDS analysis.    PYR_3 => visual, tested as magnetic sulfide [tm]
Discussion: Pyrrhotite is slightly magnetic, pyrite is not.
Highslide JS
PYRRHOTITE    11 mm field of view. Massive pyrrhotite band in top half of specimen     PC - 2010      Photo: PYR_1   [pc]
Highslide JS
PYRRHOTITE    3.5 cm specimen with multiple embedded pyrrhotite crystals, (some crystal faces evident). Quartz is quite iron stained.      TM      Photo: PYR_3   [tm] tm specimen #1937