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Specimen owner ID's (capitals): TM = Tom Mortimer, BW = Bob Wilken, BJ = Bob Janules, PC = Peter Cristofono, AW = Anna Wilken
Photographer ID's (lower case).
Identification: Unknown. Tom Mortimer catalog # u1407
Discussion: Most, but not all crystals are flattened prismatic. Very high luster does not make me think of apatite. Wardite and perhaps goyazite are also present on this specimen.
[bw] Your UK3 is a very interesting one. Until reading that it was flattened I thought palermoite because of its elongation and striations. I have found some embedded material that looks similarly highly striated, colorless and flattened too. (photo UK_BW2) I initially dismissed it as colorless childrenite. In all the embedded stuff I have, nowhere can I descern terminations. It seems to be intimately associated with embedded wardite too. I'm just wondering if it may be the same stuff.
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TM_UK3    2 mm field of view. Clear, flattened-prismatic, high luster, perfect basal termination.     TM      Photo: TM_UK3   [tm]
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TMUK3a    zoom view     TM      Photo: TMUK3a   [tm]
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UK_BW2    A Bob Wilken unknown similar to UK_TM3     BW      Photo: UK_BW2   [bw]