Minerals of the Chickering Mine Walpole, NH        WHITEITE (group)     (Mn2+,Ca)(Fe2+,Mn2+)Mg2Al2(PO4)4(OH)2 · 8H2O
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Specimen owner ID's (capitals): TM = Tom Mortimer, BW = Bob Wilken, BJ = Bob Janules, PC = Peter Cristofono, AW = Anna Wilken
Photographer ID's (lower case).
Identification: WHITE_1 => J. Nizamoff EDS analysis. Two other JN EDS plots: JN EDS analysis 2   and JN EDS analysis 3 . This "JN EDS analysis 3" was done on the specimen shown by the Whiteite_3 photo.
Highslide JS
WHITEITE      2 mm field of view      BW     Photo: WHITE_1   [bw]
Highslide JS
WHITEITE      0.8 mm spray of whiteite crystals.      BJ     Photo: WHITE_2   [bj]
Highslide JS
WHITEITE      0.5 mm group of whiteite crystals.      BJ     Photo: WHITE_3   [bj]